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Business or Music?

Its a Balance
19 June 2016

Business or Art?

3051844_origBeing a recording artiste is one one of the exciting career paths any can choose and it is yet one of the most challenging. What makes it challenging? The demands made by investors, they believed in you as an artiste, but they also believed that you would make them money. Bottom line.They invest because they were positive about their returns on investment (R.O.I.)

Artistes must remember investors want to make money, this can be challenging for the artiste who focuses on creativity. Trying to maintain a balance of being artistic and business oriented is truly challenging. One option is to find your management team that would work with you. As you start to convince others to join your team you would start realizing that, you now have to motivate them, and give incentives. This still brings the artiste to a question, “Am I an artiste or a business owner? But  I don’t have a business, I want to sing and make music.” This is where artistes get confused. In summery, being an artiste is great if one can grasp the concept of entrepreneurship.


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